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High Quality Minor Surgery Equipment

MRS has the following popular Minor Surgery Instruments options available:


Item Name


Cost ($NZ)

 J-16-080 Adson standard toothed 12.0cm $24.00
J-16-078 Adson standard non-toothed 12.0cm $23.00
J-16-129 Adson Micro-toothed 12.0cm $28.00
J-16-128 Adson Micro non-toothed 12.0cm $27.00
J-22-211 Iris scissors s/s 11.5cm $22.00
J-22-220 Strabismus scissors cvd 11.5cm  $28.00
J-22-219 Strabismus scissors str 11.5cm $26.00
J-17-021 Mosquito forceps cvd 12.5cm $26.00
J-17-022 Mosquito forceps str 12.5cm $24.00
J-17-026 Mosquito micro forceps str 12.0cm $26.00
J-17-028 Mosquito micro forceps cvd 12.0cm  $28.00
J-24-011 Crile Wood needleholder 15.0cm $28.00
J-24-001 Derf needleholder 12.5cm $25.00
J-24-005 Webster n/holder smooth jaw 13.0cm $26.00
J-15-063 Scalpel handle No. 3  $8.00
J-24-001 Webster N/holder smooth TC Gold Han 13.0cm  $86.00
J-24-116 Olsen Hegar N/holder /scissor TC Gold Han 16.0cm $89.00
# Mini Scalpels No.11 disposable, Sterile 10 per Box  $6.20


Let me know your special needs and requirements - I'll do my best to seek and source the item(s) for you!

Lionel Willard