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Medical Repair Service (M.R.S.) is a specialist supplier of medical equipment and surgical instruments that meet the exacting requirements of health industry professionals and medical service practitioners. We offer a broad range of technical advisory and repair services and pride ourselves on our high standards of workmanship and exemplary ongoing and after-sales service. (more...)

Medical Repair Service Ltd commenced trading in 1998, at first doing mainly instrument and medical equipment repairs, then moving into importing and supplying a wide range of surgical instruments and medical equipment to hospitals, medical centres, dental clinics, midwifes and nurses, and to the general public. (more...)

M.R.S. offers 1st class repair services and full back-up support for the products we sell. (more...)

Medical Products
Medical Repair Service Ltd (M.R.S.) offers a comprehensive range of high-quality medical equipment for health industry professionals. (more...)

Surgical Instruments
Medical Repair Service Ltd (M.R.S.) offers a comprehensive range of high-quality surgical instruments for health industry professionals. (more...)

MRS offers excellent general purpose and surgical scissors for medical and veterinary use (more...)

Telephone: +64 27 608 0074 eMail: Lionel Willard (more...)

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Adscope-606 Cardiology Series

Image of an Adscope 606 Cardiology Stethoscope

The Adscope 606 Ultralite Cardiology Series is available in a range of colours...

The Gima Roma Palm Aneroid sphygmomanometer

Detail of theGima 'Roma' palm aneroid  sphygmomanometer, which comes with each MRS Multicuff System. (More...)