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Medical Repair Service Limited (M.R.S.) provide comprehensive and expert back-up services for all the products we sell. We offer a broad range of technical advisory and repair services and pride ourselves on our high standards of workmanship and exemplary ongoing and after-sales service.

With more than forty years' background in surgical instruments, we can advise you on instruments you may need for a specific purpose. And with close links to American, German, Pakistani, Chinese, Italian and English manufacturers, MRS offers you great service at very competitive prices!


We are a company specialising in the repair and maintenance of surgical instruments and medical equipment.

M.R.S. specialises in the calibration of sensitive equipment such as blood pressure equipment, nebulisers, and oxygen equipment.

We stock an extensive range of spare parts such as leaf springs, retractor springs and racks. We also make many parts ourselves and carry out custom modifications and even create many special instruments "to order". Electronic etching and engraving of instruments is another service we have to offer.

MRS provides a comprehensive range of medical, dental and surgical products

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