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MRS can provide precision digital scales for clinical use

Product Lists

NOTE: This is intended to be an indicative list only - MRS has thousands more items on its current inventory list. Please enquire! 027 608 0074

sleep apnoea monitors,
podiatry instruments,
GP scissors, blood pressure
monitors, flow regulators,
laryngoscopes, spare parts,
thermometers, etc.

MRS provides a range of precision digital scales for clinical use

Surgical Instruments & Medical Devices

2.75mm disposable specula
3 Pocket case
4 Pocket case
4.25mm disposable specula
603 Stethoscope
603N Stethoscope
606 Ultralite stethoscope
609 Stethoscope
612 Stethoscope
615 Stethoscope
641 Sprague stethoscope
655 DG Stethoscope Vistascope
655B Stetho retaining ring
658 electronic stethoscope
760 PEAQ
ADC 00800 6V WA Lamp
ADC 03000 WA Lamp
ADC 03100 WA Lamp
ADC 04900 wa Lamp
ADC 08800 4.6V Lamp
ADC 601 Stethoscope
ADC 604 Stethoscope
ADC 750M
ADC 750W
ADC 850-6013 Digital cuff adult
ADC Adtemp 410
ADC Wrist BP Monitor
ADC-500512 Tuning forks
ADC-6013 Cuff & Bladder
ADC-860TLF Cuff & bladder
ADC-Adtemp Tympanic
Adsoft earpieces large
Adsoft earpieces small
Adson Bipolar Forcep Serrated
Adson dissecting forceps cross serrated
Adson dressing forceps 12cm
Adson Insulated Bipolar  0.7 tip
Adson Insulated Bipolar 1X2 teeth
Adson Insulated Bipolar forceps
Adson tissue forcep 12cm
Adson toothed
Adtemp Thermometers
Adtemp V418 Super Fast
Adtoons Nylon Nurse Bag
Adult bladder 1 tube
Adult Bladder 1 tube latex
Adult Bladder 2 tube latex
Adult bladder 2 tube PVC
Adult cuff & bladder 1 tube
Adult cuff & bladder 2 tube
Adult Cuff Nylon calibrated cuff
Adult inflation cuff nylon
Adulut cuff & bladder 2 tube
Advanced Digital BP w/PC link
Alligator Straight 4.5X0.8mm
Aneroid desk/wall square type
Aneroid gauge 804
Aneroid gauge only
Arm Tourniquet
Auto Digital BP
Auto digital sphygmo
Baby Adson art Forcep 14cm
Ball & Socket towel clips 11cm
Ball Electrodes disposable 5mm
Ball &Socket towel clips 13cm
Bellucci Scissors Straight 4.0mm
Billeau Ear  Loops 16.5cm  40
Billeau Ear Loops 16.5   50
Bonney tissue forceps 1x2 teeth 18cm
Braun ThermoScan 5 IRT 6020 thermometer
Calibrated cuff  bladder nylon infant purple 2 tube
Calibrated cuff infant purple 1 tube
Cardiology Stethoscope
Child bladder 1 tube
Child bladder 2 tube latex
Child Cuff & bladder 2Tube
Child cuff nylon calibrated
Circumcision Instrument 11mm Child size
Circumcision Instrument 16mm Adolescent size
Cleveland Ronguer 17.0cm
Connecting Piece
Connector 804
Cotton carrying case blue
Cupped forceps straight 1.25x0.8mm
Cusco Insulated speculum large
Cusco Insulated Speculum Med
Cushing Insulated  Bipolar forcep 7.0
Cushing Insulated Bipolar forcep 6.5
Deluxe deflation valve
Derf needleholders 12cm
Diagnostix P Aneroid
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Digital BP Cuff
Digital Sheaths
Digital Sphygmo LD7
Disposable cuff & bladder 1tube
Disposable cuff & bladder 2 tube
Disposable cuff single tube
Disposable Stethoscope
Doppler Probes
Double ended adaptor plastic
Dualhead nurses' standard stethoscope
Dynamap female screw adaptor
Dynamap screw adaptor
Earpieces large
Electronic Scope
Farabeuf Retractor set
Farrel cotton aplicator triangle serr 1.1mm
Farrel cotton applicator 1.1mm 16.5mm round
Farrel cotton applicator 12cm round
Farrel cotton applicator 14cm round
Filter/diaph kits
Fine O/P Scissors sh/sh
Fingertip  Pulse Oximeter Adult
Fingertip  Pulse Oximeter Paediatric
Foerster -Ballenger swab forceps 25cm
Frazier Suction Tube
Gauge glass for aneroid
Gross ear loop  and hook
Gruber ear specula set


Surgical Instruments & Medical Devices - (Continued)

scalpels, kidney dishes, adson, surgical scissors, forceps, needle holders, etc.

Halsey Needleholder 12 cm
Halstead Mosquito forcep 12cm str
Halstead Mosquito forcep 14cm
Handheld Pulse Oximeter Adult sensor
Handheld Pulse Oximeter with sensor
Hartman Ear specula set 2/4
Head Lice Treatment Combs
House suction tubes 0.6mm
House suction tubes 0.8mm
House suction tubes 1.0mm
House suction tubes 1.2mm
House suction tubes 1.5m
House Suction tubes 1.8 MM
House suction tubes 2.0mm
House suction tubes 2.2mm
House Suction tubes 2.5mm
House Suction tubes 3.0mm
HS-20 A Aneroid standard
ID Tags
Infant bladder 1 tube latex
Infant bladder 2 tube latex
Infant cuff nylon calibrated
Infant Stethoscope
Inflation Ball standard small
Inflation system adult complete 2 tube
Iris scissors curved S/S 9.0cm
Iris scissors straight s/s 11.0cm
Iris scissors straight s/s 9.0cm
Jobsen Horne cotton applicator 18cm
Lamp 2.5v
Lamp for Opthalmoscope
Large adult cuff & bladder 2 tube
Large adult inflation system
Laryngoscopic pillows and supports
Laser InfraRed Thermometers
LB Rim
Lexer Baby Scissors Dissecting scissors
Lge  Adult bladder 1 tube latex
Lge  Adult Cuff Nylon calibrated
Lge Adult bladder 2 tube latex
Lge adult cuff& bladder 1 tube
Lister Bandage Scissors angled 20cm
Magill forceps 16cm
Magill forceps 20cm
Mattresses - Patient
Mayo-Hegar needleholder TC 16cm
Mayo-Hegar needleholders 16cm
Mc Indoe dressing forceps
MD 300K1 Handheld Oximeter
MD Sensors 
Micro Adson 15cm  1x2 Tooth
Micro Ear Forceps Alligator 4.0x0.6mm
Micro-Adson Tissue forcep
Momert precision baby scales
MRS-731 System 3
MRS Midwife Kits
MRS TempScan Covers 20PC
Neivert Needleholder TC 13cm
Non Chill Ring 605
Nylon cuff large adult
Nylon Holster
O/P Scissors 13cm S/B
O/P Scissors 15cm S/B
O/P Scissors TC S/B 14.5cm
Olsen-Hegar n/h scissor 14cm
Opthalmo / Otoscope Set
Opthalmoscope Standard Model
Oschner Kocker forceps 20CM
Oschner Kockers toothed 16cm
Oxygen Concentrators
Parker Diagnostic Set
Pocket Opthalmoscope
Pocket Otoscope
Pocket Pal Organiser
Politzer Specula 4.5mm
Politzer Speculum 3.4mm
Portable Oxygen Concentrators
Presbyterian Tubing Clamp
Probe Director 11.5cm 1mm
Probe with eye
Propulse Ear Irrigators
Propulse accessories
Pushbutton deflation valve
PVC Bladder child 1 tube
PVC Bladder Large adult 1 tube
PVC Coiled tubing  3 meters
PVC Inflation ball large
PVC Inflation ball small standard
Ring cutter Blade 381
Ringcutter Blade Small
Rochester Peans
Rochester Peans 24cm
Silicone Bipolar Cable
Smith Peterson Osteotome 19mm
Smith Peterson Osteotome 6mm
Smith Peterson Osteotome 9mm
Spencer Wells artery forceps 15cm
Sphygmo cuff holder
Sphygmo wall type round
Standard Diagnostic Set
Standard Tissue forceps 1X2 Teeth
Stethoscope Adult HS-30J
Stethoscope Chestpiece
Stethoscope dual head /Infant/baby
Stethoscope earpieces soft
Stethoscope parts
Stethoscope Paediatric dual head
Stethoscope Y Tubing standard adult
System 4 Case
System 5 Case
Thigh bladder 1 tube latex
Thigh Bladder 2 Tube
Thigh Cuff nylon calibrated
Thornton Fixation Ring FG Hinge 013mm
Tissue Forceps Mod USA   1X2 12CM
Tissue Forceps Mod USA 12.0cm
Tissue Forceps Narrow 14.5cm 1x2
Toothed forcep
Transducer for Doppler
Trousseau Trachea Dilator
Tubing adaptors female
Tubing adaptors male
Tubing adaptors pair
Uckerman cotton appl 15cm
USA Pattern umbilical scissors
Vasectomy instruments
WA 03400 Lamp
Wullstein tube connection piece