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Medical Thermometers

Medical Repair Service offers a wide range of clinical thermometers, including precision, non-invasive types for safe, arms-length diagnostic use.


MRS non-contact forehead InfraRed thermometer

Photo of non-contact hand-held infrared thermometer

DT-8836 Digital InfraRed Thermometer

Description and Features:

This hand-held digital InfraRed thermometer provides safe and precise non-contact measurements of body temperature when held a few centimeters away from the forehead or skin surface.

  • Ideal for home use, in the clinic, or aged-care facility
  • Silent operation
  • Comes with a convenient backlight and large digital LCD display for use in low-light conditions
  • Precise, non-contact measurements
  • Automatic Data Hold
  • Memorisation of the last 32 measurements
  • Built-in Laser pointer
  • User selectable ºCelsius or ºFahrenheit
  • User selectable Surface or Body Temperature mode
  • Display Resolution: 0.1ºC ( 0.1ºF )
  • User selectable Alarm Value


  • Measuring Range: 32.0 to 43.0ºC ( 90 to 109.4ºF )
  • Measuring Distance: 5cm - 15cm ( 2 in - 5.9in )
  • Accuracy: ± 0.3ºC ( 0.54ºF )
    • 36 to 39ºC / 96.8 to 102.2ºF(± 0.2ºC / 0.4ºF)
    • 32 to 35.9ºC / 93.2 to 96.6ºF(± 0.3ºC / 0.5ºF)
    • 39 to 42.5ºC / 102.2 to 108.5ºF(± 0.3ºC / 0.5ºF)
  • Spectral response: 6-14um
  • Diode laser: Output <1mW, wavelength 630-670nm, Class 2(II) Laser Product
  • Power off: Automatic shut off after 7 seconds approx.
  • Operating Temperature: 10 to 40 ºC ( 50 to 104 ºF )
  • Humidity Rate: ≤ 85%
  • Power: 9V battery (Supplied )
  • Size (Length x Width x Thickness): 185 x 105 x 40 mm (7.28 x 4.13 x 1.57 inch)
  • Weight: 125g

ADTEMP™ 427 Temple TouchThermometer

Provides an accurate 6 second non-invasive temperature reading at the temple making it ideal for paediatric patients. Cost effective design makes it ideal for institutional use.

ADTEMP™ 427 Temple Touch thermometer features:

  • Non-invasive temple temperature measurement using patented conductive technology delivers clinically accurate readings in about 6 seconds
  • Reduces the risk of cross contamination and avoids the need for costly probe covers
  • Ideal for the hospital, clinic, or physician office
  •  Auto off function conserves battery life
  •  Audible tone when measurement is complete
  •  Last reading memory
  •  Dual Scale (°F/°C)
  •  Water Resistant
  •  Large backlit display
  •  Uses 2 “AAA” batteries (included) (Minimum 1000 full duty cycles over 24 month period)
  •  Temp range 95°F to 107.6°F +/- .2°F (35°C to 42°C +/- .1°C)
  •  Compact design measures just 4.7" x 1.17" x 1" (12.0 cm x 3.0 cm x 2.4 cm )
  •  Weighs 1.3oz (37g) including batteries


The Barun IRT 6020 is a precision thermometer for accurate temperature measurementBraun IRT 6020 ThermoScan 5

Braun ThermoScan® 6020 ear thermometer with ExacTemp™ Technology.

The only infrared ear thermometer with a pre-warmed tip and guidance system to ensure accurate, repeatable readings.

  • Pre-warmed tip for improved accuracy. The pre-warmed tip minimises the cooling effect that could result from the introduction of a cool probe tip
  • Guidance System function to ensure the secure position of the thermometer in the ear and confirm the accuracy of the measurement
  • Lens filter detector and ejector
  • Memory function stores the last eight temperature readings to allow the user to monitor temperature changes
  • Small, soft speculum and flexible tip enhance gentleness
  • Accuracy is ensured and cross-contamination risk eliminated with the use of disposable lens filters

Note:- The Braun IRT 6020 ThermoScan 5 is very competitively priced. Enquire now!

MRS Exclusive! Probe Covers - ThermoScan Pro Covers - 200PC

Single box of 20 TempScan probe covers from MRS Ltd

Carton of 10 X 20 thermometer probe cover boxes from MRS Ltd

Photo of DT8836 hand-held thermometer

The DT-8836 digital InfraRed thermometer from M.R.S.

ADTEMP™ V418 Super Fast Digital Thermometer

This ultra-fast stick-type digital thermometer uses
predictive technology for an 8 second oral reading.

ADTEMPTM V Super Fast Flex thermometer features:

  • 8 second measurement using proprietary predictive technology
  •  Auto-off function conserves battery life
  •  Range 90°F-109.9°F ±.2°F or 32°C - 43.2°C ±.1°C depending upon scale selection
  •  Replaceable 1.55v (LR41) type battery provides up to
    1,500 measurements
  •  Integral carry case
  •  Includes 5 probe covers
  •  Contemporary European design