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Medical Oxygen Concentrators

Photo of K5BW oxygen concentrator unit

K5BW Medical Oxygen Concentrator

  • Power Consumption: ≤300 watts
  • Applied Voltage: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Size: 305mm x 300mm x 610mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 14.5kg
  • Outlet Pressure: 0.04 - 0.06 MPa
  • Flow Rate: (0 to 5) LPM
  • Oxygen Purity: 93% ±3%
  • Noise: ≤48dB(A)

Advanced features:

  1. Advanced PSA technology: physical oxygen-making
  2. Oxygen Concentration: 93% ±3%
  3. Excellent performance: 24 hours continuous work
  4. Easy to move about: Most patients can move it easily using its telescopic handle and wheels.
  5. Energy-saving: less than 1kWh electricity for three hours inhaling oxygen.
  6. Safe: Circuit breaker protects user from electric shock in case of high voltage.
  7. Intelligent self-checking system cover alarms: Overheating: High or Low pressure: Power failure.

Standard features:

  • Running time control & calculations.
  • Internal bacterial filter can remove >99.9% bacteria in the air flow.
  • Alarms for high or low pressure, power failure and air blockage.
  • Protection from over-heating and overloads.


Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Image of woman on the beach with a portable oxygen concentrator on the back of her deckchair

LoveGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Amazing portability with multi-mode functionality.

Use at home - in the car - on your mobility scooter, at the shops, park, on the beach, or anywhere outdoors.

3 working modes to provide for your oxygen needs on a 24hr basis - Use it Anytime, Anywhere!

  • Continuous flow (not Pulse Flow) - Assuring adequate oxygen supply
  • AC Wall Outlet Power Supply - Home Use
  • DC Car Power Supply - Car Use
  • Li-ion Battery Power Supply - Outdoor Use
  • Transparent Carry Bag - Convenient for mobile operation
  • 38d8 Low Noise Level - Excellent for sleeping
  • Intelligent Self-diagnosis Alarm System - Smart Tech
  • Nice Color LCD Panel - Working time display
  • Small Humidifier - assures long-time O2 taking can be more comfortable
  • Air Filter - Filter Cuts Bacteria, Dust Guaranteed Clean O2
  • Anion Function - Purifies surrounding air
  • Conditional 7 Year Warranty - Free Replacement of Parts
  • Lifetime Free Technical Support - Excellent After sales Service
  • CE & FDA certified, Battery MSDS certified - Top Quality Guaranteed

The LoveGo portable oxygen concentrator gives you the freedom to travel and enjoy life!

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