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Medical Repair Service (M.R.S.) is a specialist supplier of medical equipment that meets the exacting requirements of health industry professionals and medical service practitioners. We offer a comprehensive range of technical advisory and repair services and pride ourselves on our high standards of workmanship and exemplary ongoing and after-sales service.

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MRS Laryngoscopes are reliable and durable, meeting the highest possible quality standards

MRS fibre optic laryngoscopes are reliable and durable, meeting the highest possible quality and performance standards... we offer a broad range of paediatric and adult options.

The MRS Multicuff System kits com in several sizes with a choice of up to 5 cuff carrying cases

Ideal for emergency units, ambulances and GP clinics, the MRS Multicuff kits provide blood pressure monitoring cuffs sized to suit a wide range of patient sizes, from large adults to infants. Each kit comes with a Gima Roma Palm Aneroid sphygmomanometer.

MRS also supplies specially-curved bariatric cuffs for severely obese patients.


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Featured Products

Adscope Adimals Stethoscopes

New from MRS! The Adscope "Adimal" paediatric stethoscopes

New from MRS! The Adscope "Adimal" paediatric stethoscopes. (More...)

Image: Propulse Ear Irrigation System

The Propulse Ear Irrigation System is available from MRS Limited at a very competitive price.

Fingertip Oximeters to suit most medical uses...