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Hi-tech lubricating oils

eks® instruments oil has been engineered for the lubrication of surgical and medical instruments, prior to sterilisation. It is easy to apply accurately and helps to preserve the full functionality and longevity of your valuable surgical equipment.

Image of the 40mm eks instruments oil applicator

eks® instruments oil is used for lubricating medical and surgical instruments, as well as podiatry, dental and laboratory instruments, prior to sterilisation. It is classified as a medical product in compliance with the 93/42/EEC guidelines.

eks® instruments oil is a German-made synthetic oil which is vapour permeable and heat resistant up to 260°C/500°F. The oil is odorless, transparent, non-toxic and free of silicone. Even at higher temperatures, it does not cause staining and crusting on the surfaces of the instruments.

Our eks® instruments oil has been validated by the SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH for heat and steam (autoclave) sterilisation according to (DIN EN ISO 554) DIN EN ISO 17665 and is officially registered as a medical product DIMDI (Reg.-No. DE/CA20/09-eks-01/13).

Image of the eks instruments oil 7mm application pen

Image of person applying protective oil to surgical instruments

Applying eks® hi-tech instruments oil prior to sterilisation...

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Image of the 7mm hi-tech oil pen

These convenient pen-style applicators are ideal for quick and easy lubrication of surgical instruments and medical devices prior to sterilisation...

The high-quality lubricant ensures that your instruments remain rust-free and easy to use even after high temperature autoclave sterilisation.

Applying oil to surgical instruments ahead of the autoclave process