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Respond C5 Pneumatic Conserver Regulator

Simplicity at its best! The setting on the knob is the LPM delivered!

Respond C5 Conserver Regulator from MRS

The C5 is the latest in single pneumatic conservers that delivers the prescribed flow exactly as "the doctor ordered". The number shown in the dial is the prescribed flow and not just a number that needs special analysis to see if it saturates the patient!

C5 Pneumatic Conserver Regulator from MRS - Other side

Underside view of the C5 pneumatic conserver regulator. This unit is noted for its quiet operation and there are no batteries or electronics to confuse your patients!


3 Continuous Flows!

The C5 has a built-in regulator that delivers continuous flow by turning the dial.

It uses a standard off-the-shelf cannula.


  • 5:1 conservation over continuous flow
  • Prescribed LPM flow delivered on every breath
  • Numbers on knob are LPM equivalency
  • Uses a standard 4' cannula
  • Brass core for maximum safety
  • Flow ranges:
    • Conserve in LPM - 0,1,2,2.5,3,4,5 LPM
    • Continuous in LPM - 0,2,3,4 LPM
  • Activation (inhalation) pressure of .14" H2O
  • CGA-870 cylinder connection
  • Barb outlet
  • High visibility gauge with protective cover
  • 3 year warranty