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Super NEB - DY-002 Compressor Nebuliser

Portable home/hospital use compressor nebuliser


Air flow range: 12-16L/min
Compressor pressure range: 0.21-0.35Mpa
MMAD: 60% 3.2μm
Operation pressure range: 0.10-0.15Mpa
Average Nebulising rate: ≥0.3ml/min
Medication capacity: 6-20ml
Particle size: Respirable fraction 80% ≤0.5-5μm
Power consumption: ≤64W
Rated voltage: AC 230v, 50hz
Noise level: ≤55dBA
Operating temperature: 10°C to 40°C
Size: 21cm x 9.8cm x 17cm (<2Kg)
Electrical safety: Class II, Type B


Portable home-use nebuliser

Super NEB Portable home/hospital use compressor nebuliser.

  • Compact, light-weight and extremely portable
  • Great for in-home use
  • One-button operation for simple and easy operation


  • Easily removed dust filter cover for filter cleaning
  • All main controls/ ports on the front of the unit for easy access, operation and connections