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Here are some links to other websites that we find particularly helpful and which we think may be of possible interest to you:

Medical Equipment Manufacturers & Service Providers:

    GIMA Medical's international website. Headquartered in Gessate, (20km east of Milan) Italy, this company has over 80 years' experience in the supply and manufacture of medical equipment. MRS is a distributor for GIMA products.
    American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC) is a major supplier of diagnostic medical products.
    Suppliers of diagnostic & ENT devices, proctology instruments, laryngoscopes and other fibre optic equipment.

MRS are authorised distributors for all of the above-named suppliers.

Other Sites of Interest:

  • Strathean Retreat

    The Wellington Study Group brings together people who want to explore and discover more about their own nature and the universe, look at the real questions of human life, and experience more of their true potential...
    Sumptuous website of interest to all Baroque Music lovers! (Not sure you know what Baroque music sounds like? For more than two hours of "samplers", try this link!) [more...]
    Website of the Remutaka Conservation Trust, an organisation that is enthusiastically supported by my wife Margaret & I. Margaret writes many of the press release articles that appear there and in other local publications. Read all about our efforts to repopulate the Rimutaka Forest Park with Kiwi and other New Zealand native birds and plants.
    The designer of our re-vamped MRS website - Peter Cooper's "Launch Pad". (Peter also developed the Remutaka Conservation Trust website.)

MRS welcomes your enquiries!

MRS welcomes your enquiries about the supply and repair of medical equipment and surgical instruments in the Asia Pacific region. We are open to suggestions for new product ideas and opportunities for high quality, inexpensive healthcare equipment and consumables replacement.

For more information, please contact Lionel Willard, at MRS, on +64 4 973 1378 or email me at:

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